Love of Gothic was founded in December 2015 and its chief operator lives in Vancouver, Canada. This site is inspired by a love of all sections of what we consider to fall under the Gothic alternative umbrella. Goth is not the rigid idea that it used to be and there are many types of events, online sites, stores, musicians, and artists that can be included under this label. There used to be a number of sites that would list Goth clubs worldwide but these sites have all fallen out of date and no one appears to care for them. Love of Gothic endeavors to fill that void and encourage all the different members of our community around the world. We hope that the site will continue to grow with listings and help you connect with what matters to you most in our culture.

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    Love of Gothic is for anyone who identifies as alternative or enjoys a subculture that could fall under the Goth umbrella. Our goal is to help connect members of our community around the world. Join us by creating an account, updating events and businesses in your area of the world, and giving feedback. With your help, we hope to grow this site and make it a real resource!