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Thank you for visiting us here at Love of Gothic. This site is dedicated to connecting you with the alternative community around the world. We will feature musicians, businesses, artists, clubs, and more from around the world. You can Register for an account and control your own listing by submitting it to us or claiming an existing listing.

We consider Goth as an umbrella term for alternative culture. So much of the world looks at us and lumps us together under one term without seeing the unique and individual subcultures. This site is for anyone and everyone who is interested in Goth, Industrial, Metal, Punk, Steampunk, Lolita, and pretty much every other genre you can think of. Connect to your community!

As time goes on, we hope to offer you more listings, more features, blog posts, tutorials, podcasts, the whole works! So keep checking back!

We have a number of different categories to help narrow down what you're looking for. There are specific listing types but our categories will connect you with every listing that is connected with a category type, no matter what type of business it is!


This site connects you with businesses, artists, musicians, body modification experts, and more. If you just want to get better connected with your home community or scout out the places to visit when you travel, Love of Gothic is the way.
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Love of Gothic seeks to promote all aspects of alternative culture. There are a lot of great things out there but we want to draw your attention to these ones!

Dark, Burning Questions

Ok maybe they're not dark and burning but we do get some typical questions

If you find your business here but you didn’t create the listing, it is possible to gain control of the listing by putting in a claim request. Once you have claimed the listing, you will have complete access to update all the content as you see fit.

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To send in a claim request, simply click on the “Claim” link that you will see located next to the name of the business at the top of the page. Fill out the information requested and send it off! The Love of Gothic team will verify that you are the actual owner of that business and release control of the listing to you. It’s really THAT easy! Still confused? Don’t sweat it, we have more detail on how to claim your listing.

Love of Gothic was founded in December 2015. This site is inspired by a love of all sections of what we consider to fall under the Gothic alternative umbrella. Goth is not the rigid idea that it used to be and there are many types of events, online sites, stores, musicians, and artists that can be included under this label. So this site is for anyone who loves the alternative lifestyle.

For our purposes we wish to include any listing that has to do with: Goth, Industrial, EBM, Punk, Fetish, Metal, Cyberpunk, Steampunk. Diesel Punk, Lolita. Basically anything or anyone that could be considered alternative and even remotely related or that would be of interest to these communities

There used to be a number of sites that would list Goth clubs worldwide but these sites have all fallen out of date and no one appears to care for them. Love of Gothic endeavors to fill that void and encourage all the different members of our community around the world. We hope that the site will continue to grow with listings and help you connect with what matters to you most in our culture.

Absolutely! If you’re interested in you or your business sponsoring an aspect of Love of Gothic and getting more publicity we’d love to hear from you. We have a number of different sponsor packages that we can customize to suit the needs of your or your business.

Love of Gothic is about growing the alternative community.

You know what they say, 2 heads are better than 1. If you’re having a look through the site and think we’ve missed an important genre, category, type of listing, world location or anything else please feel free to contact us to let us know! We are still building our database for spooky kids so there’s a lot of stuff that we haven’t really thought of yet.

Love of Gothic is set up to convert currencies from around the world. We currently support 4 currency formats that can be found on the very top left of the screen. Which currency you select will be the default currency that the price is displayed to you. Please be aware that we try to make the currency conversions as accurate as we can but there may still be some small differences.

If you are creating an event or listing a currency, please list your price as it is or would be for US Dollars, as that is the default currency of Love of Gothic!

YES!!! It would be impossible for the incredibly small team at Love of Gothic to know all the dark, alternative things around the world (although we sincerely wish we could). Our team would be filled with magical black kittens if you are interested in taking part in letting others around the world know about your spooky business, event…. cosmic black awesomeness! Feel free to register with us. We have a number of different packages available so hopefully you find one that suits your needs!

We’ve designed this site to be at no cost to check out the listings! If you want to list we do have some free packages. “Why charge at all?” you may ask and we’d really love not to but it did cost time and money to get this site launched. We also have to maintain it. Sadly the powers of darkness have not granted us tons of wealth and so we, too, have bills to pay. You can help keep this site running by supporting us with getting a package that gives you more options

Love of Gothic is a pretty new project and we would love to accept a few new members of the team. There are a numbers of ways you could volunteer to contribute to this site.

  • Blog writing
  • YouTube videos
  • Helping with Coding
  • Promoting the site

Our team is pretty small right now and we would love to grow this into more of a community. If you are interested in being an active member of your community, learn more today!

Calls to the Dark Side

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