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THE LABRYNTH is an electronic music project from Michael Wimer and Sarah Stewart based out of Seattle Washington.

We are big fans of the Do-It-Yourself aesthetic, prefering to do our own photo editing, video editing, music production and engineering. We believe that everyday you should learn something new, and this is the same process we put behind the making of our music. And if we learn new things on the way, and make mistakes, it’s all part of the process!

We use many programs to make the music including: Cubase, Reason, Logic, Sony Vegas, PaulStretch, After Effects, and many others. We also love to use our vintage keyboards: JP8000, Juno 60, ASR10, Korg Z1, Korg Prophecy, Nord Lead II and Mini Nova.

Our Debut full length album called “Expanding/Contracting” came out in December 2015. We’re currently working on the next album!

Aside from THE LABRYNTH, Sarah also plays keyboards and guitar with the bands AYRIA (Canada) and THE BREAK UP (USA). Michael also plays keyboards with VNV NATION (Germany), drums with INFORMATION SOCIETY (USA) and AYRIA (Canada).

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