The inn established here in 1753 possessed a dark reputation. Sailors were lured in for the evening with a hot meal, a place to rest, and plenty of booze. Soon after the sailors passed out for the night, smugglers would drag them down into the basement and transport them through a tunnel to the Savannah River. The following morning, the unfortunate sailors woke up on a ship miles away, forced into service. Moans and voices can still be heard coming from the now-closed tunnels, and specters have been seen in the rooms upstairs, which currently functions as a restaurant.

It’s still in operation today, but don’t go overboard at the Pirate’s House. Otherwise you may find yourself at the mercy of the same pirates who once took advantage of young, drunk sailors, and sold them into slavery on their ships, never to be seen from again.

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  • Address 20 E Broad St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States

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