The Loft (2014) stars Karl Urban, James Marsden, and Wentworth Miller. The film is classified as a Mystery, Romance, and Thriller with a total run time one hour and forty-eight minutes. In this film we meet five married men who share a secret loft where they all indulge in affairs they keep secret from their wives. Things take a twist one morning when they find the dead body of a naked woman in the loft. 


The Loft Plot

The story unfolds in a way that tries to draw out the twists and turns. They give a lot of misdirection in the story but the way they reveal the plot is still a bit slow paced. It’s clear early in the film that all the main characters lie a lot. A lot of what the main characters say indicates that they have low ethical standards. Near the end of the film, the audience is starting to get closer to the truth. We learn that these five friends are not as close as they appear to be and really open to stabbing each other in the back. The turn they take on each other is consistent with their low ethical standards. It basically all boils down to jealousy over a woman.

Sexist Messages of the Film

The entire premise of this story is based on the assumption that men are inherently bad people who are expected to cheat on their partners. All the main male figures of this story are shown as cut from that same cloth and this is how men behave. In keeping with this message, all the female characters in the story are merely plot devices used to advance the story. The men treat them contemptuously and only consider them when it suits their needs. The female characters in this film seem to accept this as the way the world is and act accordingly. This film showcases some really terrible gender stereotypes and basically builds the whole film on them.

Final Verdict

This film lacked in originality and the delivery of the twists were not well done. The timing of the film leaves the audience slightly bored at some points. Overall Love of Gothic gives this film 1 out of 5 Bats.

One out of 5 bats review

Challenge the Status Quo

The Loft definitely caved to the horrible stereotypes of mainstream culture. Thankfully much of Gothic culture is about challenges those views and diverging our own paths. Love of Gothic seeks to promote and embrace dark alternative scenes around the world. Check out our different listings around the world and join your online community!