Horror Story (2013) stars Karan Kundra, Nishant Malkani, and Hassan Zaidi. It’s a horror movie with a total run time of one hour and thirty-one minutes. Seven friends are having a going away party and while getting drunk, they decide to go check out an abandoned haunted hotel. The hotel has a history of deaths including its recent owner. These seven friends start to discover that the stories about the hotel are true. They also discover a darker history.


Horror Story Plot

This film does not have much in terms of plot development. The concept remains fairly basic. It’s a haunted space story with murderous ghosts. The friends discover that the hotel used to be a mental hospital. The evil spirit that resides there still was a former patient who was sent there for murder. She was sent there for murdering her whole family and more because she claimed the devil told her to. After murdering other patients and her doctor, the hospital was shut down. Now she haunts the hotel and murders anyone who dares to step inside. The story is fairly unoriginal and doesn’t get much more than that.

The characters do not really explore many ways out of their situation and seem to give up easily. The plot points also seemed to move along very conveniently. The bookstore at the abandoned hotel still happens to have books and for some reason has an occult section. They try to set up foreshadowing that leads the characters to the books but it’s fairly weak. It’s also clear that at least half the group doesn’t really believe in spirits or the occult but they manage to complete a chant that leads them to the object that is the source of the spirit’s power. The whole plot is pretty basic and unimaginative. But not all horror movies have to have crazy plots right?

Acting & Atmosphere

There is not a lot of characters for this film. It is mostly the core seven plus the ghost. Having a smaller cast means spending a lot more time with them. The actors in this film have a tendency to strongly over act. Each moment seems like it was the worst thing to ever happen to any of them. It gives the audience no baseline for their terror and that makes some of the deaths feel less meaningful. Every reaction is over the top. It doesn’t really feel appropriate for every moment of the film.

The atmosphere of the film leaves the audience wanting more. The film is not really scary and they don’t show the spirit very much. Leaving things to the imagination can really work for some films but it doesn’t work for this one. It just feels low budget. The musical score for this film is also too dramatic. They tried to up the dramatic factor but it just makes it feel overdone. Like the acting, it feels like they are trying to overcompensate.

Final Verdict

This film is rather boring and anticlimactic. There are not a lot of good things we can highlight about it. Overall, Love of Gothic gives this film 1 out of 5 Bats

One out of 5 bats review

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