Final Girl (2015) stars Abigail Breslin, Wes Bentley, and Logan Huffman. The film is an Action & Thriller with a total run time of one hour and thirty minutes. This movie introduces us to a young and capable woman named Veronica. She was selected as a child to be trained to become an effective assassin. We meet her as she is given her final test for her training and sent to kill a group of boys who have been murdering young women. Is she up to the task?


Final Girl Story

Final Girl is a different flavor of a common theme in many thriller movies. We have a group of teenage boys who have hunted and killed 20 blonde girls. We are not given their reasons and we get glimpses of their character but the story is not really about them. The story is about our young and attractive assassin. She undergoes training for years and we get the impression that she has killed before but this is her first solo assignment. She hits these boys in a way they never see coming and dispatches them with relative ease.

The film is interesting and the concept is very engaging but the sequence of the story telling could be better. They give us the story starting with her preparation and training to meet the upcoming challenge. The filmmakers could have made the story more suspenseful if the audience isn’t clued into her training until she is already out in the woods with the boys. If the audience believes she is innocent and unaware of what was to come before they reach the forest and then did flashbacks to fill us in about her preparation and training it would have made a huge difference to the impact of the story. The audience could have rejoiced and shared in her triumph in delivering justice. The way the story is told is not bad by any means, but a reordering of how the scenes were shown could have really upped the wow factor for the film.

Undertones of the Story

Final Girl has a lot of untapped depth. We are given a lot of interesting tidbits about each of the characters yet we only know the bare basics for each of them. The one we know the best is Veronica. This is a change from a lot of movies as the female characters are often left as plot devices for the main male character. This movie gives us the reverse and makes the male characters plot points for our female lead. Even the title, “Final Girl”, is a play on traditional movie tropes. The term is to refer to female heroines in the horror genre that is the last survivor. Her survivor is usually based on purity or goodness. This film redefines the horror movie trope and casts her as an instrument of justice and a force to be reckoned with. She is underestimated because of her size and stature and she uses that to her advantage. This film dares the audience to question the preconceived notions that we have of women.

Final Verdict

This movie is a good watch with lots of interesting moments. The story telling could have been more dramatic to make it more suspenseful and interesting to the audience but it’s still a worth while watch. Love of Gothic gives it 4 our of 5 Bats

Four out of Five bats for Love of Gothic Review

Do You Root for the Final Girl?

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