If you just adore alternative culture and think this site is really cool, you’re pretty much just like us. This site is a labor of love that volunteers dedicate their time and devotion to. Since we are a pretty new project, we would love to accept a few new members of the team. There are a numbers of ways you could volunteer to contribute to this site.

Blog / Video Blogs

Love of Gothic is hoping to add a lively blog and video blog section where we will post articles, reviews, tutorials and more on a wide array of Gothic and alternative interests. If you have special knowledge, passion, or gift that you would like to share with the online community this may be the volunteer opportunity for you.

As a volunteer you would need to commit to a minimum of 3 blog posts or video blogs. We prefer that for each video blog to have a written component to go with the video on our site. If you don’t have strong writing skills, we can team you up with someone to do the write up for your video. We can also team you up with editors. If you are choosing to do a video blog, pleasure ensure a respectable video/audio quality. The videos will be released on the Love of Gothic Youtube Channel. We may ask you to include a line or two in your post for our sponsors or your video made be edited to include the sponsor logos.

Some current topics on the radar include:

  • Movie/TV Reviews
  • Make-up/Hair Product Reviews
  • Make-up/Hair Tutorials
  • Craft/DIY Tutorials
  • Music Reviews
  • Culture articles

Coding Ninjas

We are looking for the help of some awesome coding ninjas versed in WordPress code and PHP. We’d like to improve some features and offer more but we need your help!! If you have the tech skills and motivation, we’d love to hear from you. If you are interested in volunteering in this capacity, please be realistic with your commitment of time as well as honest with your abilities.

Rewards of Volunteering

Aside from the warm fuzzies of helping grow your community, Love of Gothic is more than happy to give back to how we can. This includes the bartering of skills from other members of our team or helping you pimp out your shit. We can discuss the full possibilities when you contact us about volunteering. We hope that volunteer positions will work their way to paid positions as the site continues to grow. Where possible, the first paid staff will emerge from our volunteers.

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