Love of Gothic is a new project and while we do have pay options, right now we pretty much run on volunteer effort and support. We are currently accepting new sponsors to the site. What are the advantages of becoming one you may ask… Well aside from the obvious awareness of your business to the online alternative community worldwide, you get to participate in the active growth and well being of that community. Love of Gothic exists to promote our scene and help it flourish. Who wouldn’t want to be an instrumental part of that?

What Can I Sponsor?

At this time, we are flexible in what we can accept for sponsors. To an extent, we can negotiate with you on what will work for you and your business as well as for Love of Gothic.

We are currently working on developing a few new features for the site. These features will cost money and other resources to develop. Some of the current plans include the development of:

  • An upcoming event listing
  • Musical podcast program
  • Arts & Crafts tutorial blog and video blog
  • Movie & TV Reviews

We will need to purchase materials and hire professionals to help us carry out these plans. If you choose to sponsor one of these programs, we will discuss to what extent you will be sponsoring, what that commitment entails, and what your expected return is. As the site statistics, participation, and growth are constantly changing, it is best for you to contact us for more information.

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