Love of Gothic LogoLove of Gothic is a division of Fallen People Entertainment and was founded in December 2015. This site was inspired by the alternative culture worldwide. It is an online guide book for those in the alternative scene to find things of interest in their area and around the world when they travel.

There used to be a number of sites that would list Goth and alternative clubs and/or events around the world but many of these sites have fallen out of date and are no longer cared for. Love of Gothic seeks to fill that void and provide an accessible and friendly online community where you can look for and provide feedback to fellow members of your community. There are a number of places in the world where the alternative scene is healthy and thriving but this is not true in many places. We hope to encourage the growth and spread the word the alternative scenes everywhere.

Our Mission

Love of Gothic seeks to encourage and promote the alternative scene around the world, connect you with what you love, and provide you with entertainment. Our site is called Love of Gothic but we consider Goth to be an umbrella term that covers many different subcultures. We plan to include subcultures and businesses that may not be considered Goth but that those who identify as alternative would be interested in knowing about, such as tattoo shops & body modification experts and more.

Support Love of Gothic

We are building this community for you so feel free to contact us with ideas, feedback, or comments. We do ask for some patience as we build up our database. If you notice that a listing is missing you can either contact that person/business and let them know about the site or create an account and submit the listing yourself!

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Go the extra mile and share, comment, and interact with our posts to push them out to your social circles and help build a stronger community presence as well as help us get a further reach with our social media. Love of Gothic strives to promote your community and your favorite businesses. Show your support to them by sharing our posts.

Be a Part of Something

Love of Gothic is currently run by volunteers. Any money that we do make is being pumped into maintaining the site and adding new features. We’d love to think that maybe one day it might generate enough to pay us but…. for now it’s all about the love! We really hope that one day we can have paid staff instead of volunteers but since this is a new site, that’s not possible yet. If you like what we do, you can show your appreciation by showing some staff some financial love.


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You can also be a part of something awesome by getting involved as a volunteer with your amazing dark talents!

There is plenty of room for growth and expansion of this project and we are open to ideas. This site is for your community so we would love to add to our team of contributors and get lots of different scope for all the wonderful subcultures that fall under the Gothic Alternative umbrella. If you have something amazing to share with your alternative community and want to contribute to content on this site, please contact us to dazzle us with your powers of darkness.

We are also looking for those interested in helping us advance the site more as a whole. If you are short of time but want to be a sponsor of Love of Gothic, we’d love to chat! Being a patron of the arts can be very rewarding and the various branches of the Gothic alternative subculture tend to be pretty artsy. We have a number of different YouTube and blog categories we have planned to roll out and you could be the force to sponsor these great features! Contact us for more information or pitch your idea of what you’d like to sponsor!

Access Your Community!

We have worked hard to build this community for you. How awesome it is, depends a little on you as well. If you have ideas on what we’re missing, we’d love to hear from you. Love of Gothic tries to incorporate as much feedback as we realistically can. We also try to include as many listings as we can but as much as we would love to be all omnipotent, it is impossible for us to know every club, musician, store, artist, shop, etc in the world that would appeal to the alternative crowd. Support the growth of your community and create an account today!