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It was in this London home that Sigmund Freud spent the last year of his life. Freud came to London a refugee from the Nazis. In Germany the works of Freud and fellow psychoanalysts were publicly burned in 1933 and during the following years most members of the predominantly Jewish psychoanalytical community in Germany and Austria emigrated. However, Freud refused to leave; it was not until Austria was annexed by Germany in 1938 and the Freud family was subjected to Nazi harassment that he moved.

For the last 16 years of his life Freud suffered from cancer of the palate. Yet he continued to work. In England he completed Moses and Monotheism and began his final and unfinished work, Outline of Psychoanalysis. In addition, Freud maintained his practice and received a number of patients for analysis at this Maresfield Garden home.

  • Address 20 Maresfield Gardens
    London NW3 5SX

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