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EXP Restaurant & Bar is a Vancouver hot spot for gamers. Eat and level up! The menu gives you several game inspired tasty choices and the atmosphere brings back all the nostalgia of your favorite video games.

EXP cares about the community as well. They run several charity initiatives. EXP Boost is a new charitable initiative from EXP Restaurant + Bar that aims to give back to our amazing community! By offering special video game-inspired menus we pay tribute to the games and game-makers we love. Most importantly, a dollar from the price of each of these special items is donated directly to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation!


The Triforce

Three Delicious Meats / descended upon the chaos that was the hamburger... / Power: House-Made Beef Patty; the Base of All Burgers. / Courage: Crispy Garlic Chicken Breast; the Power of the Cucco Storm. / Wisdom: Bacon, because it's smart. / A Toasted Kaiser Temple holds them togethre with Roasted Garlic Mayo, Lettuce and Tomato.


Mega Burger

A Massive 10oz Patty Stuffed with our Feature Filling, Letuce, Tomato, Red Onion, and Garlic Aioli.


Super Pulled Pork Sandwich

Our Slow-Roasted, Hand-Pulled Pork, with your choice of House-Made Sauce! Creamy Coleslaw and Corn Tortillas on Top. Flavours: Mario BBQ Sauce - A familiar and balanced flavour! Luigi Jerk Sauce - Thicker jerk sauce with a tangy flavour! Princess Peach BBQ - A peach flavoured BBQ!

  • Address 309 W Pender St,
    Vancouver, BC V6B 1T3

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