Horns (2013) stars Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, and Max Minghella. The film is a Drama, Fantasy, Horror with a total run time of two hours. In this film we are introduced to Ig who everyone suspects murders his girlfriend. In the aftermath of her body being discovered, Ig wakes one morning to find that he is growing devil horns at an accelerated rate. Not only is he growing the horns but everyone around him begins to tell him their deepest, darkest thoughts and desires. This leads Ig on a journey to discover who murdered the love of his life.  


Horns Story Arc

Horns was an interesting movie and a bit of a different way to tell a murder mystery. At the start of the film we do not know what happened to Merrin, the girlfriend, aside from the fact that she is now dead and everyone thinks that Ig killed her. When he wakes up with the horns, he does do the logical thing and go get them checked out. This gives the audience the perfect opportunity to understand why people do not react to them as we would expect. It also creates the opportunity for some humorous moments as Ig starts to learn the power that comes with the horns. It is through these powers that he does get to the eventual truth of who killed Merrin as well as being able to deliver appropriate justice.

The story did through some twists and turns in to throw the audience but a few of them are a bit predictable. Despite those obvious elements, the movie is able to provide enough original ideas and surprises that the exact details of the end are not extremely apparent. It leaves enough to keep you guessing.

Evil & Morality

Ig’s journey explores a lot of different aspects of morality. There is the obvious dark sides where murder and assault is wrong but the film invites us to realize that morality is based a lot on perception. Some of the dark secrets that people are carrying that they perceive as evil and horrible, are actually not that bad. Ig comments on the two police officers who admit that they are attracted to each other that their attraction is only bad due to their upbringing and outlook. When he nudges them to indulge, they are incredibly happy. There are a lot of these small moments in the film that seem to critique the perceptions of what is morally wrong.

In the end we discover that Merrin’s murder stems from the darker side of desire. One of the characters was obsessed with her and believed that they had entered into some secret affair with glances. The film makes it obvious that she had no idea what he was talking about and he refuses to take the rejection well. His anger and entitlement leads him to sexually assault her and it ends with her death when she fights back. This is only a real too concern for many women. The film responds to it in a very satisfying way.

Final Verdict

The story for this film is pretty good and so is the social commentary. It had some wonderful humorous elements and the special effects are fairly well done. Overall Love of Gothic gives this film 4 out of 5 Bats.

Four out of Five bats for Love of Gothic Review

What is Your Deepest, Darkest Secret?

Horns was a good reminder of all the different sides of morality and justice. Like Gothic culture, this film is not afraid to look at the darker side of things. If you are open to exploring the full spectrum of the world, including acknowledging the more sinister aspects, then be sure to join your online alternative community. Join our mailing list or create an account to get connected!