American Horror Story Freak Show stars Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Michael Chiklis. In this season we are taken into the heart of a travelling freak show. We meet a full set of characters with strange abilities and deformations. In the centre of it is the owner of the show and self proclaimed star, Elsa Mars. As we move through the season, we learn the backstory for many of the characters as well as the trials they face.

American Horror Story Freak Show Plot

Season 4 is more about character building and back story than a focus on plot. Not to say that the season is lacking in any plot at all. Much of the story line for Freak Show is about greed. Almost all of the characters are focusing on a hunger or greed for something, whether it be money, pleasure, or acceptance. This leads them to betray and mislead those around them in pursuit of their own success. The strength of this season is more in its character development.

Season 4 Character Development

American Horror Story Freak Show ClownThe beauty of how this season is shot is how they were able to give the audience such great back stories for multiple characters without having the season feel too cluttered. They really took time to build a solid foundation for the main characters. Instead of overwhelming the audience with too much at once, they span the story out in bits and pieces over several episodes. They give the audience just enough to stay interested but without making it feel tedious. This gives us a real growing understanding of certain characters as we move through the season.
The season focuses on a few main characters but there are plenty of interesting people in the season. What is really great is that they do not ignore the supporting characters. Over two episodes, they come up with a clever way to fill in a bit of back story for a number of these roles. It closes some of the gaps and adds depth. This technique gives the illusion of a full and developed world. Once of the really great supporting roles is the creepy clown we see throughout the first half of the season. While not really a main character, this role adds to the creepy feeling of the season. The back story for this character is also really wonderful.

Another great appearance in this season is of fan favourite, Pepper from Season 2. The episode that focuses almost entirely on Pepper’s story is wonderful. In “Orphans” we learn not only how Pepper came to be with the freak show but also the story of how she ended up at Briarcliff. The creators give us a story that is touching and extremely well done. It is by far one of the best episodes of the season.

Freak Show Atmosphere

American Horror Story Freak Show is not as creepy as some of the previous seasons. The clown definitely is. He is so creepy in fact that when the season aired, the National Clown Association of America lodged a complaint. They were unhappy with his portrayal of clowns and perpetuating a bad reputation of clowns. The rest of the season is not really that creepy or scary. Anyone who is not off put by the strange and unusual would not find it that terrifying. There also was not as much gore in this season as previous seasons of American Horror Story.

Final Verdict

There are many that did not enjoy American Horror Story Freak Show. It is not the best season to date but it is also not terrible. It is an entertaining watch. We give it 3.5 out of 5 bats

Three and half bats

Who Doesn’t Love the Freak Show?

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