Surreal, also known as Surreal Sanguine, began her involvement in organization, promotion and entertainment at the young age of 13. Her involvement with a youth group gave her experience and opportunity and she began to DJ with the Ruffneck Crew by age 14. She continued to play weddings, corporate Christmas parties, youth group dances, etc until the age of 18 when she took some time off for post secondary.

In 2007, with the collaboration of a few others, she begun Descent Sundays, a Gothic Industrial event.Within the same year formed Fallen People Entertainment, an organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the alternative culture. She has remained the primary organizer for Descent for almost its entire history. She returned to the DJ decks in 2010 and has been a Resident DJ at Descent since. Recently she has been also opening up and playing at other nights again as well.

She has been doing chainmaille since 2006 and has made a number of pieces ranging from shirts, belts, collars and other accessories to the masterpiece of her chainmaille collection which was completed in winter of 2014. Her chainmaille Marvin the Martian measures 27 inches tall by 30 inches at its widest point. It was made of micromaille aluminum and took her approximately 3 years of solid work to finish.

In keeping with her enjoyment of creating things, Surreal also does some sewing and makes pieces in leather. The majority of these creations are for herself but she has sold some custom pieces that were made upon request.

In 2011 she started coding a website for the education and practice of risk aware consensual kink and other alternative life choices, Keeping it Kinky. She feels it is important to make this information accessible to the public and donates her time to this project.

In January of 2012, Surreal began learning to tattoo. She starting volunteering and being mentored at ElectroLady-Lux and remained there until spring of 2014. She now tattoos out of home for the ability to offer her clients a lower rate and allow her a more flexible schedule.

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